Live your life for yourself, not others.

Good morning everyone! Happy hump day. It is another day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it. Amen?! Its such an amazing feeling to be able to breath life another day. God is awesome.

So todays blog topic is titled: “Live your life for YOURSELF, not others”. This love hate relationship with something we call life can be very beautiful but also trying. This is the life that God gave us and we are suppose to live it for ourselves. Do not live your life for other people. ENJOY your life, do not let the opinions of others dictate how you live your life. Do not let what others are doing make you feel as if your life is not complete or moving fast enough. If you did things differently then someone else that does not make you a failure, the path that God set out for you is just different. I see so many people competing with each other with their lives and marriage, jobs school, so many things and why? We each have INDIVIDUAL assignments, focus on what was given in front of you and make it better. Trust me the next person could be doing XY and Z and you will never know it. God is happy because you are happy with the plan he set out for you. Is life always great? No. However it is worth living no matter how hard it may get.

Keep your businesses with family and friends to a minimum. It is ok to receive advice, but it is not ok to let them dictate what is best for your life. I have seen times where a family/friend would get so angry because an individual chose to do things differently for THEIR life. No matter what they should support and encourage whatever decisions you make in life and if they do not, go on with life anyway. You cannot plan your life for them, that would be called misery. Any decisions you make in life take it to God in prayer. He is the designer of our lives. He makes the path for us, He is the only one who can give is a clear direction. Stand firm on His word for your life. You only get ONE life choose to life it the best you can, you wont get another one. Be happy, learn to be grateful for the people who decided to stay in your life because you chose to do whats best for you. All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord. Be encouraged. I love you guys! πŸ’œ


Stop beating yourself up

Good day loves! Im so happy to share this topic with you guys because it’s something I finally have overcame myself and I wanted to encourage someone else who may be doing this same thing.


We all have made mistakes and struggled and STILL struggling with some things in out lives, but you cannot beat yourself up about it. Downing yourself leads to depression, insecurities, sadness and much more. Nothing good comes from it. I am 26 and I am just learning how to accept certain things and still believe in myself. When you feel your such a strong person the littlest thing you experience and fail can make you feel so worthless! Thats a trick of the enemy and you can and will over come it. God has given us equipment to overcome these battles. Prayer, the Bible and it’s scriptures, uplifting people, devotion, fasting! When we are going thru a phase we don’t want to hear things like this but it really does help out. Speaking for myself I can recall plenty of times where I was so frustrated and depressed about life and how it was going, I did not want to hear anything the Bible or God at one point because i felt so alone and that God didn’t hear me anyway. LIES! Just because God does not move when we want Him to does not mean He left you hanging. A lot of times we block our own blessings downing ourselves, its not of God! He wants strong soldiers, He wants to know that in your time of struggle you still choose to serve Him.

It gets hard I know it, you just want to give everything up but stop beating yourself up! You are human, you are not perfect and do not let anyone hang anything over your head. Surround yourself with positive people. Make a choice in your life to only inhale positivity and let go of negativity. Negative energy creates a negative mindset. I had to learn to see the good in every bad situation i was facing and own it! Realize that you cannot change anyone or anything, that is a job for God. I will leave a few scriptures below to help you go back and read to help if you are struggling with this. I love you and so does God, you got this! Dont ever give up on yourself, appreciate who YOU are! πŸ’œ


John 6:33

Galatians 5:22

2 Thessalonians 3:16

The importance of prayer.

Hey my loves. Happy Tuesday, so grateful to be able to wake up on this beautiful morning. God is so good, Amen?

The topic for today’s blog is: The importance of prayer. We talk to God in many different ways and we all communicate with Him in prayer, worshipping, reading etc. Pray is one of the most important ways we communicate with God, it is very intimate and its a place where no one else can distract you. It’s just you and God. Prayer is an opportunity to spend time with God. To really understand the heart of God, you need to pray. In John 15:15, Jesus says He no longer calls us his servants, but calls us His friends. Talking with God develops a deeper relationship with Him.The deeper the relationship becomes, the more time you want to spend with Him.

In my walk with Christ, I have experienced many different feelings and emotions during consecration with God. He will take you to another level in Him, the deeper the prayer life, the more He shows you. Especially if you are fasting along with your prayers, God reveals mighty things that no man can see unless these things are done. It can be an amazing experience as well as a frightening experience because you’re in a different realm and your seeing things with a Spiritual eye and not a natural eye. Pray is also communication to God to pray for our families, friends and the desires of our hearts. He gives us peace when we pray and understanding of what He is doing in our lives. You don’t know how important prayer is until you actually PRAY and watch things change.

Prayer brings breakthroughs in our lives as well. Sometimes we are faced with devastating circumstances and feel we have nowhere to turn. It’s at that point we should pray (although there should have plenty of prayer beforehand, too). Fasting and praying is powerful, too. Sometimes you need a message from God and you need to be solely focused on Him to get it. It may be painful during the prayer and waiting process but once you receive it you will be so happy you sought Him. While you wait, you can also sing praise songs, read the Bible, or anything else that brings you closer to Him. Remember the importance of prayer, remember to pray when you wake and when you sleep, even through out the day. Whatever you do remember the importance of prayer.

Thanks for reading you guys. I love you. πŸ’œ

Wait on God

Hey loves. I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Start this week claiming your peace and prosperity in Jesus name.

So, todays blog focuses on waiting on God. Alot of times we can become so impatient and frustrated in our waiting, we feel that God has forgotten about us. In actuality, He never left, He is right there you just cant see Him. Psalms 27:14 tells us β€œWait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.” Trust me when you wait on God, the reward is so much better and you appreciate Him a lot more for seeing you through. I can recall so many times i just wanted to throw in the towel on certain things because of my impatience, and every time God showed mw why we should wait on Him. He comes when He is ready not when we are. He created me and you he knows what we can and cant take. My path is not your path,he test all us differently in our waiting period.

Some things in life truly only requires patience and waiting upon the Lord. He is the only one that makes the impossible possible, even when searching for a spouse/mate it is best to seek God for guidance and make it known to Him that you are willing to wait for Him to send you the right person for you.I promise God knows who is the best fit no matter how you feel. You may feel you have the right person bu thats not what God has in store for you, dont let what you feel in a moment cause you to make a lifetime decision you regret. Wait on God loves I promise it pays off and it is for your best interest.

I love you guys. πŸ’œ


It’s ok to take time from everything & everyone.

Good day all! I hope this Wednesday is going to be good to you. So thankful to be able to wake up another day and know that God spared my life.

We should all know that self care is very important, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Your body depends on YOU daily. What we eat, how we think, these are things that determine the health and well being of your body. This is the same thing we should think on a spiritual and mental level. Be careful of the company you keep, and it is VERY IMPORTANT that you take time for yourself. I am still learning this as well. Everyone does not need to be around you all the time. Sometimes it just needs to be you and God. You need that alone time. You need time to think, breathe and reflect on things that happened in the week and your goals. God needs His time as well. He has to have that one on one connection with you. He cannot speak to you if you don’t make time for Him. He wants to talk to you but you have to be willing to let Him in. Having friends and family around is always good but make sure God gets His time and you make room to do something for yourself. We all deserve to pamper ourselves and have the best for our lives.

Take a moment to breath, take some time to refocus on a goal that you are working towards. Many people lose sight of their goals and dreams because they never have time for themselves, they are always helping someone else. Its time to help YOURSELF, and the first thing is to isolate yourself for awhile if need be. I promise you will see a difference in your life when you truly take out time for yourself.

Stay blessed, Stay encouraged you guys.

I love yall. πŸ’œ

Broken but beautiful.

Have you ever been broken to point where you actually lose all hope and happiness? You feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and no one seems to understand. Your hurting day and night, you can’t seem to find any peace. Yes people are telling you your going to be ok if they even notice your silent cry, but they go on with their day and your still crying on the inside. Majority of us have been to this point in life. Yes you were BROKEN, but your beautiful and its a beautiful situation in-spite of.

When all those broken pieces come together, here comes a MUCH more stronger and confident person after the storm. You endured the eye of the storm! You have a RIGHT to be happy now. Yes things happened to you, yes you made mistakes, yes they broke your heart; BROKEN but its still beautiful. You found your inner voice inside of you, and it the feeling will/is great!. You are now a conqueror, you are now a overcomer. You now see that your life has meaning and God never left you. It is to cry and have a meltdown, but don’t stay there. If you are going through right now and you are losing hope. YOU are not! Keep pushing, never give up, quitting is failing yourself and your MUCH stronger than that. You will overcome everything that was meant to destroy you in Jesus name. There is nothing too hard for God, BROKEN BUT BEAUTIFUL ! You are beautiful your story is beautiful, your PAIN is now beauty!!

Thanks for reading you guys. I love you! ❀️

A bad attitude gets you no where.

Hey loves. How is everyone? Im so blessed to be able to see another day, Amen?

Recently I have been coming across some more than usual that I have seen in the past two weeks and it bothers me. Bad attitudes. Its young and older people with these bad and hateful attitudes. A bad attitude gets you no where and it certainly is not of God. Everything does not require you to get an attitude about. It is best to just pray and leave it to God, it is scary to see so my people who say they are saved and holy with such hateful attitudes. This does not please God and it shows your true character. I do understand things happen and we get upset but it is also good to just humble yourself and let the situation go.

It use to be very hard for me to just let things go without trying to explain myself or figure it out. I learned to just give it to God and let it go. You will realize your life will be alot better by letting the burden go. Stop walking around with so much bitterness and live life day by day. You cannot control what happens in life. You cannot make anyone do anything YOU want them to do. Do not let little things ruin your entire day Its never worth it. God wants you to be happy and appreciative of His goodness and mercy towards us. You would be surprised how much your life will change for the better when you give God your struggles.

Be encouraged loves. Happiness over hate, love your sisters and brothers. No matter what they do to you. You love them anyway thats what we are supposed to do. God sees and knows all things. Make Him proud.

Thanks for reading loves. Enjoy the day! πŸ’œ