Count your blessing not your problems.

Good day my loves. I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. God has kept us another day and I am glad about it!

So in today’s blog, I wanted to remind you guys to count your blessings and not your problems. We all have problems, every day and some bigger than others. But see God always find s a way to have our good out way the bad. I can complain all day, but does it help? How is complaining helping your life daily? We have to learn to be grateful for all things in life, no matter if it is good or bad. You can still learn valuable lessons from bad situations. I can recall situations that I felt were just impossible, but God showed me that it was a test and a test of my faith and I came out of it! God created us to be joyful creatures and to appreciate His love, start doing that especially for yourself. You may not have much right now but your alive and well. When you count your blessings and let every negative thought about your situation go, then is when God really blesses you. He sees that you are appreciating even the smallest things He does for you.

Stay around positive minded people and people who push you to pursue the very best in life. The company you keep plays a big role in how you view life. If all they do is complain, you should not be around them. Separate yourself and being to trust God more. Some people are just really negative minded, be careful. Watch as well as pray. Keep your mind, heart and soul on God. Our blessings always out way the bad, God makes sure of that. Keep pushing and continue to keep a positive mindset.

Thank you for reading loves. Have a good day! 💜


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