A bad attitude gets you no where.

Hey loves. How is everyone? Im so blessed to be able to see another day, Amen?

Recently I have been coming across some more than usual that I have seen in the past two weeks and it bothers me. Bad attitudes. Its young and older people with these bad and hateful attitudes. A bad attitude gets you no where and it certainly is not of God. Everything does not require you to get an attitude about. It is best to just pray and leave it to God, it is scary to see so my people who say they are saved and holy with such hateful attitudes. This does not please God and it shows your true character. I do understand things happen and we get upset but it is also good to just humble yourself and let the situation go.

It use to be very hard for me to just let things go without trying to explain myself or figure it out. I learned to just give it to God and let it go. You will realize your life will be alot better by letting the burden go. Stop walking around with so much bitterness and live life day by day. You cannot control what happens in life. You cannot make anyone do anything YOU want them to do. Do not let little things ruin your entire day Its never worth it. God wants you to be happy and appreciative of His goodness and mercy towards us. You would be surprised how much your life will change for the better when you give God your struggles.

Be encouraged loves. Happiness over hate, love your sisters and brothers. No matter what they do to you. You love them anyway thats what we are supposed to do. God sees and knows all things. Make Him proud.

Thanks for reading loves. Enjoy the day! 💜


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