Broken but beautiful.

Have you ever been broken to point where you actually lose all hope and happiness? You feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and no one seems to understand. Your hurting day and night, you can’t seem to find any peace. Yes people are telling you your going to be ok if they even notice your silent cry, but they go on with their day and your still crying on the inside. Majority of us have been to this point in life. Yes you were BROKEN, but your beautiful and its a beautiful situation in-spite of.

When all those broken pieces come together, here comes a MUCH more stronger and confident person after the storm. You endured the eye of the storm! You have a RIGHT to be happy now. Yes things happened to you, yes you made mistakes, yes they broke your heart; BROKEN but its still beautiful. You found your inner voice inside of you, and it the feeling will/is great!. You are now a conqueror, you are now a overcomer. You now see that your life has meaning and God never left you. It is to cry and have a meltdown, but don’t stay there. If you are going through right now and you are losing hope. YOU are not! Keep pushing, never give up, quitting is failing yourself and your MUCH stronger than that. You will overcome everything that was meant to destroy you in Jesus name. There is nothing too hard for God, BROKEN BUT BEAUTIFUL ! You are beautiful your story is beautiful, your PAIN is now beauty!!

Thanks for reading you guys. I love you! ❤️


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