It’s ok to take time from everything & everyone.

Good day all! I hope this Wednesday is going to be good to you. So thankful to be able to wake up another day and know that God spared my life.

We should all know that self care is very important, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Your body depends on YOU daily. What we eat, how we think, these are things that determine the health and well being of your body. This is the same thing we should think on a spiritual and mental level. Be careful of the company you keep, and it is VERY IMPORTANT that you take time for yourself. I am still learning this as well. Everyone does not need to be around you all the time. Sometimes it just needs to be you and God. You need that alone time. You need time to think, breathe and reflect on things that happened in the week and your goals. God needs His time as well. He has to have that one on one connection with you. He cannot speak to you if you don’t make time for Him. He wants to talk to you but you have to be willing to let Him in. Having friends and family around is always good but make sure God gets His time and you make room to do something for yourself. We all deserve to pamper ourselves and have the best for our lives.

Take a moment to breath, take some time to refocus on a goal that you are working towards. Many people lose sight of their goals and dreams because they never have time for themselves, they are always helping someone else. Its time to help YOURSELF, and the first thing is to isolate yourself for awhile if need be. I promise you will see a difference in your life when you truly take out time for yourself.

Stay blessed, Stay encouraged you guys.

I love yall. 💜


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