Wait on God

Hey loves. I hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Start this week claiming your peace and prosperity in Jesus name.

So, todays blog focuses on waiting on God. Alot of times we can become so impatient and frustrated in our waiting, we feel that God has forgotten about us. In actuality, He never left, He is right there you just cant see Him. Psalms 27:14 tells us “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.” Trust me when you wait on God, the reward is so much better and you appreciate Him a lot more for seeing you through. I can recall so many times i just wanted to throw in the towel on certain things because of my impatience, and every time God showed mw why we should wait on Him. He comes when He is ready not when we are. He created me and you he knows what we can and cant take. My path is not your path,he test all us differently in our waiting period.

Some things in life truly only requires patience and waiting upon the Lord. He is the only one that makes the impossible possible, even when searching for a spouse/mate it is best to seek God for guidance and make it known to Him that you are willing to wait for Him to send you the right person for you.I promise God knows who is the best fit no matter how you feel. You may feel you have the right person bu thats not what God has in store for you, dont let what you feel in a moment cause you to make a lifetime decision you regret. Wait on God loves I promise it pays off and it is for your best interest.

I love you guys. 💜



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