Stop beating yourself up

Good day loves! Im so happy to share this topic with you guys because it’s something I finally have overcame myself and I wanted to encourage someone else who may be doing this same thing.


We all have made mistakes and struggled and STILL struggling with some things in out lives, but you cannot beat yourself up about it. Downing yourself leads to depression, insecurities, sadness and much more. Nothing good comes from it. I am 26 and I am just learning how to accept certain things and still believe in myself. When you feel your such a strong person the littlest thing you experience and fail can make you feel so worthless! Thats a trick of the enemy and you can and will over come it. God has given us equipment to overcome these battles. Prayer, the Bible and it’s scriptures, uplifting people, devotion, fasting! When we are going thru a phase we don’t want to hear things like this but it really does help out. Speaking for myself I can recall plenty of times where I was so frustrated and depressed about life and how it was going, I did not want to hear anything the Bible or God at one point because i felt so alone and that God didn’t hear me anyway. LIES! Just because God does not move when we want Him to does not mean He left you hanging. A lot of times we block our own blessings downing ourselves, its not of God! He wants strong soldiers, He wants to know that in your time of struggle you still choose to serve Him.

It gets hard I know it, you just want to give everything up but stop beating yourself up! You are human, you are not perfect and do not let anyone hang anything over your head. Surround yourself with positive people. Make a choice in your life to only inhale positivity and let go of negativity. Negative energy creates a negative mindset. I had to learn to see the good in every bad situation i was facing and own it! Realize that you cannot change anyone or anything, that is a job for God. I will leave a few scriptures below to help you go back and read to help if you are struggling with this. I love you and so does God, you got this! Dont ever give up on yourself, appreciate who YOU are! 💜


John 6:33

Galatians 5:22

2 Thessalonians 3:16


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    thanks, that was perfect timing, as I was going through, but I know now that I am getting through and coming out!!! ❤❤❤❤


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